About us


Tandem jumps are designed for every interested person from 8 to 100 years old. 30000 satisfied customers already jump with us. If you decide to tandem skydiving in our para-school, you can buy it now for special price!

For those of you who prefer to do everything on their own or want to do more parachuting, we have prepared a range of free fall courses AFF, the first parachute skydiving for automatic opening and other courses for advanced. You can buy all kinds of training or tandem jumps through a voucher with an open 1 year validity as a gift.

We have been operating our para-school safely for almost 20 years since 1997. We have been certified by the Aero Club of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Transport VS 004 / AeČR for the operation of the parachuting training center. Employees in our training center are instructors and tandempilots with many years of experience who have successfully passed demanding tests abroad or in the Czech Republic and who have completed between 3000 and 15000 jumps.

What’s including in our activities and organizing :

  • Tandem jumps
  • Tandem jumps video-recording
  • Trainings of New learners – basic training on wing type parachute
  • AFF / IAFF training (accelerated free fall training)
  • Group acrobatics (RW-4)
  • Freeflying, landing accuracy
  • Example and promotional jumps
  • Parachute packer training and reserve parachute packer training
  • Repairs and servicing of parachutes
  • Para-school – training and courses
  • Selling parachute equipment, including new or used parachute products
  • We perform tandem jumps at one airport
  • We are certificated from the Ministry of Transport, Aeroclub of the Czech Republic and trade licensing office
  • We are performing tandem and sport jumps at the airport in Kolín
  • We are jumping from tandem jump from 3 to 4 km
  • Jumps with us are always from the aircraft L – 410 turbolet or AN-2.
  • We are using only quality equipment for all jumps
  • We are doing jumps only with professional instructors
  • We have been running tandem skydiving and training centers for 20 years
  • Tandem skydiving and training in our country has already passed over 30000 satisfied customers (skydivers).
  • For jumps, para-courses and tandem jumps with us you will find the best facilities.
  • Tandem skydiving or parachuting can be purchased as a voucher with an annual open validity

Our tandem pilots