Where we are jumping

TANDEM JUMPING - we operate at Kolín Airport.

We perform tandem jumps or any other parachuting activities at the famous airport in Kolín, which is unique in its location! Kolín Airport is approximately a 50-minute drive from Prague on the D11 motorway (or by train). We have been performing tandem jumps at the airport in Kolín since 2003 and we have many satisfied customers.

Our drop zone is one of the largest and most visited in the Czech Republic, while it has quality sports facilities for parachutists, but also for regular visitors. The airport includes not only accommodation and a restaurant with observation benches, where you can see your friends and acquaintances enjoying a tandem skydive, but also wireless WiFi internet connection for FREE.

Our company Paraškola IMPACT FreeFall s.r.o. is the only one authorized to operate tandem parachute jumps at the airport in Kolín, which leads not only to higher traffic safety, but also to its fluidity. The smoothness of the traffic will be appreciated especially by visitors who book their tandem jump for a certain hour and do not have the desire or time to spend unreasonable time at the airport waiting for their jump.

Facilities for visitors

  • accommodations
  • restaurant (capacity 20 seats)
  • observation terrace with a capacity of 40 seats
  • FREE wireless WiFi internet connection

Facilities for parachutist athletes

  • accommodations
  • restaurant (capacity 20 seats)
  • parachute packer with professional packers
  • equipment rental
  • FREE wireless internet connection