Tandem Jumps Prague

Special offer - Voucher for tandem parachute jump 4000CZK - tandem parachute jump with 1 year validity for two people for 7600CZK - tandem parachute jumps Kolín

Tandem parachute jumps will allow you to try skydiving, free fall or parachute flights how only experienced skydivers can. Without any effort or risk you can jump and look at the world from above. For a tandem parachute jump you don’t have to undergo any lengthy training or medical examination. Anyone aged 8 to 100 years old can complete a tandem jump with us. You can also provide tandem skydiving with paraplegics.

Information about tandem jumps

We’re using the most modern security systems created by Parachutes de France Atom, Next and Sigma companies. Every one of them are equipped with Cypres safety device for activation of your reserve parachute in emergency without the intervention of the tandem-pilot. All parachute systems are under constant revision.

Tandem jump process

You are tied to a tandem pilot and jump freely for 35 to 50 seconds. At an altitude of 1800 meters, the instructor opens a tandem parachute and you can enjoy an additional 5-8 min flight. You can try driving yourself during the flight, if you want it. Before landing, the instructor will take control of the parachute from you and land safely together.


We will record your tandem jump from the very preparation to landing. An hour after the jump you will get a clipped and sounded USB drive with approximately 15 minutes of recording of your tandem jump. It’s a great reminder of a unique experience.

What's included

Tandem jump price including a jump with and instructor, rental of all equipment, including overlls, certificate, all airport fees and injury insurance.

What do you need for tandem jump

Bring your tandem jump voucher and sports shoes with you. Preparation, tandem skydiving and video takes approximately three hours of your time at the airport.

Health restrictions for tandem jumps

In case if you are a cardiac, epileptic or diabetic, your doctor must decide the possibility of your tandem jump. The maximum weight for a tandem jump is 110kg. Over the age of 65 we are recommending the statement of your doctor for the jump

Tandem jumps dates 2022 - reservation

Tandem jumps must be booked in advance for a specific date and time. If you didn’t purchased tandem voucher for a tandem jump yet, it is necessary to pay a deposit of 500 CZK, when you booking your date. We will issue a deposit coupon and you will pay the remaining amount for the tandem jump at the airport before the jump. We are collecting tandem jump deposit to prevent unnecessary seat reservations.

Where and how we performing tandem jumps

  • Tandem jumps are made at the airport in Kolín, where all facilities and planes for our activities are available. Since 2009 we are the only operators of the training center at Kolín airport for tandem jumps.
  • We are not tandem jumps mediators, but we are the operators of the training center for tandem jumps, which you can order in our website. We can also guarantee the quality, excellent facilities and professional approach of tandempilots.
  • We are certified by the Aero Club of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Transport VS 004 / AeČR for the operation of the training center in the field of parachuting.
  • Kolín Airport is located 50km from Prague. You can use a bus or train from Prague to Kolín every hour. We are not operating tandem jumps in Prague due to the large restrictions on parachuting operations on the flight corridors of Ruzyně Airport.
  • Tandem jumps are operated from aircraft L – 410 turbolet and AN-2 up to 3 – 4000 meters. They are the most comfortable and safe planes for this activity. The L – 410 is equipped with two turbo engines. AN-2 is the largest flying biplane so far, equipped with 1000 horsepower radial engine.
  • We have experience and equipment to organizing tandem jumps for large groups. We can arrange jumps for 50 passengers almost immediately. We already performed tandem jumps for companies such as Microsoft, Kooperativa pojišťovna or ING Bank.
  • It is possible to arrange sightseeing flights with small sport planes and gliders in addition to tandem jumps